What is Adventure Science?

Welcome to our first ever post.
Adventure Science is a new project for us (although it has been a bit of a brainchild in the making for quite a while, we’ve only recently ‘gone public’!) Our idea here is to simply create an interactive portal where we can share all our experiences together with you, and create a melting pot of ideas surrounding all things science, so that you can then pass it on, and continue the adventure at home or in the classroom.

Our definition of Science:
Science is all around us, in everything we do, in everything we are and in everything we will become. It is only through life experience and development we can come to realise that what we learn in the science lab / classroom is transferable to everyday life. It’s not just about mixing chemicals in a controlled environment and dissecting animals but it’s about answering the ‘simple’ questions such as “how does the weather work?”, “why do I get tired?”, “why do dogs chase cats?” and “where do babies come from?”.

Our definition of Adventure:
Adventure is also everywhere. It is very common nowadays for us to sit and enjoy watching various celebrities attempting to survive on a ‘desert’ island or in the jungle or some other remote environment. Although this can be fabulous entertainment, it also encourages those watching to ask questions and consider the world beyond our safe and cosy homes. How long could we survive for without water, food, shelter and what would we do differently? Initially, without even realising, you would reach into your existing skillset of survival tools that you use every day and either modify, develop, adapt and expand these honed techniques to be used in a new or different manner. This is what we mean by transferable skills. The principles of survival are easily visible in everything we do.

Therefore combining science and adventure, understanding the principles behind survival and the science underpinning them can be the foundations for life and affect our personal development.

This blog will continue our exploration into Adventure Science as a complete subject. It will demonstrate ways of learning about science in a fun and relatable manner. Some of our experiments can be done at home or in the classroom. The core principles build on what we as a team here learned at school and in turn, have been tried and tested on our own kids, our very own young Adventure Scientists pioneers!

We welcome any feedback or contributions you may have, as we mentioned – this is designed to be a two-way conversation and a journey for all of us.
Thank you for your time – feel free to leave comments or get in touch.

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