Adventure Scientists in the making.

Yesterday Adventure Science embarked on their first real project – we have been planning this day for quite a while now so to be able to put all our learnings and training into practise with 90 year 7 children was both an exciting and daunting prospect.. did I mention 90 kids?

Having packed the car up (after a relatively early start…for me anyway), we set off up to Redmoor Academy in Hinckley, Leicestershire geared up for a morning of fun activities.

Between the two of us and the school, we had already agreed to split the children into 6 teams of 15 with each of us both taking 3 groups.

Following an introduction, we embarked on a few warm-up games based around communication skills. These proved very entertaining thanks to a few ‘characters’ within the groups and provided us all with that easy ‘ice-breaker’. Practising non-verbal communication can be harder than it sounds but it’s a very effective way of engaging 90 children.

The main part of the morning saw us split up into the assigned groups and set to work with educating our little armies. Tom took his group outside onto the field and led his troops through our tried and tested ‘SATH’ activity. This is both chaotic and effective at the same time. Kids loved it as it’s a great way to demonstrate the purpose and workings of the heart, whilst demonstrating the importance of teamwork and leadership – each individual has a purpose and a responsibility otherwise the whole exercise falls apart. The guys embraced this and the feedback we have received since has been great – so far so good!


My teams and I stayed inside in the school gym. Each of my three teams were assigned a different task. The first team were given a questionnaire to complete based on various survival scenarios. They were encouraged to discuss the answers before agreeing on a final set and presenting them back to the rest of us – the aim here was to educate them on the principles of survival and how to prioritise in certain situations based on their conditions and environment. We had some really great feedback from this session and they all interacted with each other to come up with some interesting solutions (not always the best ones but was great to see team work in action and it became very apparent that no one would get left behind here – they all value their team mates and classmates which is reassuring).

The second group had a similar task but in this instance actually had to put it into practise, so one scenario between 15 of them to discuss and present back. They very much embraced these tasks and worked really well to produce some excellent feedback including one that saw them break down on a school trip in a snowstorm, a bus driver with a broken leg and a few suffering from travel sickness. I’m quietly confident that beyond the initial responses and somewhat amusing ‘for show’ answers, there is a positive, well thought through and compassionate team of individuals.


The third group were turned into mini apprentices for the session and had to devise a TV ad for a product within the given timeframe – a hard task but resulted in some fantastic results. The team leader worked particularly well in delegating and managing the project and each individual grasped the basic concepts well, with some really creative and impressive ideas.

A successful but exhausting morning for all involved but we’re really pleased that Adventure Science has sailed her maiden voyage. Feedback from the session has been great and we are very thankful to Miss Spencer for inviting us up to Redmoor Academy. We hope to be back soon in the future but in the meantime, good luck to all the year 7 team – we hope you have a fabulous summer full of adventures!


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