Adventure Science – Back to School

As the new school year approaches and we brace ourselves for the autumn ahead, the Adventure Science team are back working even harder and preparing for a multitude of up and coming exciting projects!

As a company, we are very much still in our infancy and are constantly being asked ‘so…what exactly is Adventure Science?’. Maybe we should have begun with this blog as our initial one, but better late than never – I thought I should de-mystify the company, who we are and what we do…

The concept of Adventure Science was borne out of a situation that both my partner and I found ourselves in last year. Having sold his GP practice after suffering from a severe stroke, Tom decided it was time for a change in direction. I, in the same vein, was at a point in my life where I needed a change in focus so we both needed to ‘reassess and re-evaluate’. A ‘typical’ parent conversation about how “kids these days are spending far too much time on their devices and should be spending more time outdoors…” was the simple catalyst we needed one evening to realise that there is an opportunity for us as a team to utilise our skills to provide and share our combined knowledge in a way that could encourage kids to get involved. Kids develop in different stages and their individuality doesn’t always appear until sometimes it’s too late during their educational life. Adventure Science is about encouraging inclusivity from an early age.

Tom’s background in medicine, coupled with my own career in marketing and PR provides us with our professional credibility. Add in our passion and experience in various outdoor pursuits and activities, we have a perfect storm of skillset and abilities.

Our aim is quite literally to create an environment for kids of all ages to learn in an interactive and fun way, utilising natural outdoor tools and methods. The ‘Foundations for Life’ programme we have designed is structured in a way that can be taught as a whole programme or as individual modules. In it’s whole, it covers fundamental life skills and is designed specifically to compliment the current educational curriculum for science as well as pulling from aspects of PE, geography, social sciences, humanities and IT.

What we hope to achieve is by supporting schools and teachers, we can deliver an extended and rounded understanding of all things science related. Our modules cover everything from understanding the human body (heart, lungs, brain), to the wonders of food (nutrition, essential needs in extreme conditions, famine, eating disorders) to urban survival (IT skills, social media, online safety) as well as traditional survival methods (shelter, fire safety and basic first aid).

I hope that gives an introductory insight to who we are and what we’re about.

As mentioned, we’re relatively new but we’re confident that this is going to be a good year for Adventure Science.

For more info, please see our website:

If you are school or institution that may be interested in our services, please email:


Rachel & Tom

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