The Big Adventure

Half term is nearly over and the evenings are rapidly drawing in. Halloween is upon us and the clocks have gone back.

Here at Adventure Science we embarked on a new exciting experience this week. Rather than our usual model of us taking our business and knowledge into schools, we decided to take full advantage of the school break and launched our first #BigAdventure holiday club for kids.

We have been fortunate enough over the last few months, to develop a partnership with our local branch of ACRE (Actions with Communities in Rural England). Their county headquarters are local to us here in Northampton and include an outstanding twelve acres of forest land which they were more than happy to let us use as part of our venture.

After much preparation and a fully signed up register of kids (varying from 7 to 13 in age), we spent two whole days getting to know them all and taking part in a full programme of activities including, tree swinging, den building, exploring and foraging, fire safety awareness and First Aid.



I’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and energy all the kids had – it was boundless and unfaltering. There was not a single instance of anyone not taking part or giving their 100% to the activity of the moment and it was truly inspiring to watch them working together in their teams as well as watching the older kids looking out and helping the younger ones without any prompting from us grown ups.

I must admit I’m even a little ashamed of myself as I went into the experience a little bit (only a little) apprehensive of it being hard work. I was concerned with kids not getting on, arguing among the teams, lack of enthusiasm towards particular activities and I had a contingency planned for every instance in my head. However, as it turned out – I had totally over-prepared and underestimated these little heroes. Every single one had their individual qualities and when pooled together as a group they were amazing!

I also want to take the opportunity to thank our two helpers Joe and Declan who were absolute superstars. Two A-Level students who have a real passion for the outdoors and were simply indispensable. It’s really great to see this enthusiasm and I hope it will extend into a bigger programme for us where we can offer similar work experience opportunities to other teenagers in the future.

Feedback received following the event has also been phenomenal. Parents have really brought into Adventure Science and we’re so pleased that our little idea has started to blossom and is being embraced.

              “Thank you to Tom and Rachel from #AdventureScience the girls had THE BEST #BigAdventure this week. They loved every minute and can’t wait for the next one! Fun, learning and fresh air. Ticks all my boxes!! Highly recommended”

Sophia Asten (mother of Violet & Beatrice)


All in all, we had a fabulous time and also can’t wait for the next one. We have a ton more activities planned and I’m so pleased it was such a success. It’s so important for us here at Adventure Science that kids get the opportunity to spend time exploring the outdoors. It has reinforced my faith in the simple things. Digging holes in the ground and building shelters out of sticks and twigs is still fun to newer generations and children are as resourceful and resilient, imaginative, creative, sensitive and  fun as ever!

For more information on Adventure Science please visit our website:


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