Online Safety – how much do you know?


Happy new year to you all, we hope you had a fabulous break over the festive period despite the nasty bugs that seemed to be prominent everywhere it seems. We were also blessed with a bout of flu here at Adventure Science but glad to report that all is well and we are now all back to full health!

So our first blog of 2018 tackles the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable subject of online safety. In a world where we promote the importance of communication, it’s vital that we are all up to speed with online safety and social media. These are huge topics and we will endeavour to break them down over a series of blogs in order to try to demystify some topics and make it easier for adults and parents to understand exactly what their kids could be and may well be up to with their various devices.


Information and education is a wonderful thing and it’s amazing that we have all this at our fingertips. However, this availability and accessibility comes at a price. Kids are less likely to visit a library or ask a parent or teacher if they need to know something and instead will use a dedicated search engine on their phone or tablet to gain the information. This can potentially open a whole world of knowledge and opinions on the subject in question so they are exposed to facts as well as ‘non facts’ and in addition a whole host of ‘pop up’ adverts, spam and ‘fake news’. We’ve all been there and clicked on that link or advert when we shouldn’t have – it’s easily done! Not to mention the pitfall of downloading apps or ‘free to play’ games only to find that there are hidden costs once one begins interacting with them.

There is no easy way around this but we can learn to be more vigilant, educate ourselves and ensure that we become familiar with the habits and tricks of trollers and hackers and general online pests.

As I mentioned, this subject is huge and we do intend to cover various issues in more depth across later blogs but with many of us having received new devices from Father Christmas as well as  Internet Safety Week upon us next month, we are getting a head start and ensuring that all our Adventure Scientists are aware of the dangers and armed with some tools and tips to help. We will look at issues such as online bullying, safe downloading, online gaming, social media and copyright infringements and would welcome in advance any comments or questions you may have as children, parents, teachers or other. Please feel free to get in touch either via our social media or email (we respect your wishes to remain anonymous if preferred).

If you are a school or business and would benefit from some additional training or education, our Cracking Comms module may be the solution for you. Please visit our website for details or get in touch for more info: and look for the Cracking Comms section.



There are lots of other good websites that can help you with checking and restricting your kids’ devices and we would urge you to visit and read a few regularly in order to keep up to date with any changes, updates and legal issues regarding these topics.

A few good examples:

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